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Working worldwide with communication providers to supply their secret sauce
Our Approach
Through the vision of our co-founders, NowYoYo® company ethos is centred around the challenge of solving complex engineering problems for our clients in the most efficient way possible and handing back solutions that promote zero-touch. By combining opportunities to disrupt while retaining a clear focus on reducing cost-to-serve, our risk-based approach has driven success for our clients and allowed them to scale very quickly.
Over the last 10 years, all of our work has been driven directly from referrals due to our specialism within the industry.
By taking engineers with a high degree of first-hand operational experience across multiple disciplines, the consultancy we provide our client also allows us to deliver on those visions and promises and guarantee strong execution. NowYoYo® is passionate about what we do for our clients and their investors, and we remain committed long-term, from 1st principles to completion of robust solutions. We are excited by our work because we believe in the opportunities our clients are taking, and we know we can make a difference in the outcome and the advantage this provides over their competition. For an engineer, this feedback loop is why we push boundaries and do what we do.
Providing Services. Worldwide
Working in close strategic partnership, NowYoYo® can provide acceleration and continuous value to our communication providers as they mature and evolve through investment and organic growth. Our advice and software are designed to take the strain as your organisation transforms and integrates with old and new partners.
The RoaR™ Platform
NowYoYo® has built our own SaaS-based platform called RoaR™, which we offer our Communication Providers FREE with an unlimited user license agreement. We understand that licensing limits organisations' flexibility as they mature, scale, and integrate across multiple vendor solutions. Therefore, we have removed this barrier and instead act as an incubator integrator where we can provide continuous value on the fly to internal and external integration partners. As with sliding puzzles, they can be incredibly difficult to solve as they are PSPACE-complete. This is a good analogue for most CPs trying to evolve with complex legacy and maturity challenges, and RoaR can directly help translate between different systems and provide the additional navigation needed to get to the end goal much more quickly than traditional delivery methods.
API Integration and Software solutions
From Legacy platform Integration to new greenfield IOT or full-stack BSS/OSS integration, NowYoYo® has extensive experience working with multiple vendor solutions while offering smaller CPs unique business logic and glue to move fast and while extracting away from more complex back-end API solutions.
Telecom Consultancy and Technical Due Diligence
NowYoYo® has a long history and experience in Telecoms. So we recognise that our Communication Providers, new and old, require short-term and long-term safeguarding against inefficient processing and loss of opportunities. While we almost always provide solutions, we are often asked to perform technical due diligence, audits and gap analysis work, usually to assess integration strategy. Asking the right questions is essential to understanding the risks and making informed decisions on new opportunities and/or suppliers, as marketing can usually exceed actual delivery.
3rd Party Integrators
NowYoYo® works with many on-shore, near-shore and off-shore Integrators in a direct partnership or on a client's project. We offer technical vendor management and flexible RoaR building blocks so that our clients' services and integrators can enable MVP and long-term goals much quicker as they transition to future services.
Global Solutions
accelerate and mature
One Touch Switch
Full Managed Access Provider (MAP)
NowYoYo© has been an active contributor to the Industry Process Group (IPG) by helping to define the UK Best Practices for implementation of the OTS Process. It will continue to lobby and contribute to ongoing improvements as the industry matures through testing
CP to CP Testing
NowYoYo© have been the first to test across the simulator and pre-production environments and has actively contributed to improvements by TechM/TOTSCo for the implementation of the HUB. We are currently working wiith Tier 1 and other MAP providers to test our implementations
Vertical Integrator
NowYoYo© has already implemented an full stack end to end solution for a UK fibre-based CP as a vertical integrator. This technical and operational experience means we have first hand hand experience in implementation for a network with over 300K demand points.
NowYoYo© has made our solution modular and we now offer a Fully Managed hosted solution for those Altnets that do not have the time or resources. This is offered through a single quarterly payment with no lock-ins and supports unlimited end users licenses
Live in Production
NowYoYo® OTS Ready
New Industry Go-live 12th September 2024 Ofcom Response
Learn how we can help your organisation onboard to OTS
TOTSCo Ready
Telecom Switching Rules
In June 2022, the industry set up The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo), a membership-owned organisation with a clear remit: to develop and operate the systems that will make One Touch Switch possible.
The result is the TOTSCo Hub, a messaging platform that will carry customer details and other relevant data between service providers so that seamless switching of Broadband and Voice services can be successfully coordinated.
Activate Customer Base & Ordinate Survey Data
Our system takes an initial seed file and subsequent updates to offload all of the Switch Matching for you and even calculates the Early Termination Charges and issues comms. But there are options for this to be passed back to your billing systems for tight integration as time allows. Our matching algorithm exceeds the best practice and works with legacy and new data formats (LPI, DPA, PAF, etc). We also provide access to Ordinate Survey Data for new Gaining services and support to clean up older stored data. Everything is stored using ASCII Folding techniques, so your company can never be questioned about frustrating the process. Full Switch Match reports and KPIs are also issued daily.
Leading RCP has deployed our solution
Our team have been active members working on best practices and testing with TOTSCo, and, we have also implemented the full solution for a major CP operational that has a section 135 request. As a result, we understand the complexity of the unhappy path and have many solutions and advice on how these issues can be overcome and managed. We also have access to many leading advisors in the industry should specialised consultancy be required.
Fully Managed Access Provuider with GUI & APIs
RoaR™ is our platform, and it provides a simple portal (GUI) that can process losing and gaining orders via the hub. While the platform offloads as much of the OTS process as possible, it is still necessary for the local RCP to interact with any MAP provider. To help with maturity and future integration, we also offer a series of Sales (BSS) and Order (OSS) APIs that allow any organisation to tightly integrate over time towards a full zero-touch solution. With our own NowYoYo® development teams, we can assist locally or provide the necessary information and swagger API details for your own dev teams to easily implement.
Express Consent & Magic Link
Early termination Charges, Switching Implications and Express Consent are all critical components for compliance with the general conditions of switching. By using our Magic Link services, a CP can customise and brand their self-service journey to show and gain the necessary consent from their prospects. The system nudges consumers and takes care of centralised record keeping which is all tamper-proof for audit. This allows agents to complete sales quickly and issue a magic link for final consent, as all consumers have up to 31 days to make the necessary consideration and consent.
Time Series Transactional Audit
All CPs using our Fully Managed Service can be assured that every transaction across the TOTSCo HUB, supply chain and local integrations are all fully recorded, time-stamped, and grouped should any Ofcom requests be made or arbitration be required to resolve compensation claims between RCPs. We grant direct access to our clients so that they can search and extract specific audit events for analysis. We also provide a standard set of reports to help with analysis, as competitive patterns will exist with switching.
RCP Simulator to Help with Agent Testing
As NowYoYo® have been working on OTS for some time, it was necessary for us to build our own HUB in the absence of one from TOTSCo. In addition, we are able to spin up. multiple Residential Commuinication Provider (RCP) endpoints that can operate as good and bad RCPs. This means we can establish an RCP with poor data quality as a unique set of matching practices which allows our clients to test against these patterns. As we know, 95-98% of households already have broadband, and so this suggests that a high proportion of consumers will use the OTS process. Without a successful match a sale can not be processed if the consumer wishes to use OTS to seemlessly switch services between providers. By building a series of RCPs that mirror some of the characteristics we can ultimately help others and train agents to get first-hand experience in handling more challenging edges cases and build guidance on the next-best-actions. This helps with training and makes agent and digital journeys much more robust to some of the challenges that OTS can through at both the Gaining and Losing Providers.
New Industry Go-Live Date - 12th September 2024
While TOTSCo has experience slow commitment by CP to onboard and test by the 14th March 2024 the larger Tier 1's have also had challenges due to the huge complexity of this new OTS process. The good news is that Tier 1 providers have now started Technical Trial and will soon move onto Volnteer field trials before finally doing some publically annonce early ramp-ons using OTS. As a result the industry and TOTSCo have agreed to a new start date of 12th September 2024 as communicated by CEO, Paul Bradbury at TOTSCo in his blog on Friday 8th fo March.
Rapid OnBoarding
Fully managed Access Provider
Our Key Services
Here are some of our key services that we provided to both integrators, prduct vendors and direct to Communciation Providers
API and Software Integration
For over 20 years our team have been involved with API integration across the telecom markets from the early days of deregulation to more complex B2B reseller and wholesale during consolidation of the markets
Research & Development
Legacy systems do not have to be swopped out as part of a large transformation programme, our team can undertake formal RnD excerise to provide options and architecture solutions to avoid expensive Rip-out-and-Replace
Worldwide Consultancy
Across the UK, Europe and the Caribbean, NowYoYo have advised many organisation with large transformation project and worked with large offshore integrators to provide solutions either directly or in partnership for end clients
Enterprise Software Dev
At the heart of NowYoYo we are a software company with a strong passion to the Telecoms markets, specalising in back-end enterprise systems but we also provide IOT solution intergration for other devise markets
Digital Transformation
We love a large challenge and this work gives us a mix of old and new with the opportunity to provide more modern approaches even what budget is contrained
Technical Project Management
We see a lack of these skills in typical PMO's but with NowYoYo help we can broker this work and support existing fucntions with risk/impact and opportunities
Telecom Expense Management
As CP grow, network assets and data integrity can drift, through multiple dataset analysis, the gaps can be found and addressed while ensuring valuable assets are returned to the sale channel
Mandate & Card Payments
Working with Direct Debit and 3DSv2 providers our Magic Link systems can provide and track one time URL links to clients for mandate establishment and one-time-payments
Geo-Locational Mapping
Mapping technology is used by Offers Engine allows CPs to make complex descison making on all sale channels in milliseconds based our geo-locational polygon search or asset status
We can support your teams to overcome real-world demands and challenges
Avoiding Risk and Lock-ins
As a specialist within the Telecoms Markets, NowYoYo is a leader in Zero-Touch systems. Our systems are hosted globally in a resilient zone. For customers requiring on-site services in DMZ areas of the network, we have secure message-broker solutions that will support a hybrid edge and central controls that work as one.
As we do a full business processes audit, we can identify key processes for refinement and automation to reduce errors and costs.
Zero-Touch dramatically reduces the cost-to-sale and cost-to-serve and allows as much of a repeatable process to be fully automated.
NowYoYo creates a difference for our customers through scalable and low-maintenance systems, which means both parties have more time to focus on making the "boat go faster" and fewer commercial concerns about lock-ins to legacy systems or supplier agreements.
NowYoYo doesn't charge for user licenses as we believe these old-school models inhibit any advantage during a transformation period, and we want to encourage rapid growth and scale that leads to a longer-term partnership.
Frequently asked questions
Create different pricing options so different audiences can find a perfect fit for their needs
Where are your systems located
Our systems operate out of resilent AWS cloud infrasture EU/US and our team operate thorugh hybrid working as most modern and fast changing businesses do today. We do support split architecture if our clients wish to operate or host data repositories locally in their own data centres,. We spend less on office space and more on providing the solutions where our client need them. Our team is then available across different time zones to support their needs.
How quickly can we ramp-on with RoaR
RoaR is a modular platform that supports both multi-tenancy as well as single CP deployments. The key aim of RoaR is to allow rapid deployment of complex business rules against specific interfaces for our clients. While we have a large range of standard industry solutions to common problems as building blocks, each instance of RoaR is typically tailored to our clients specific project needs and the role based security is applied to its users community. New RoaR instances can be dynamically created on the fly and so our standard out-of-the-box features can be offered via GUI & APIs interfaces within minutes, but true value-add is in the integration withour clients stratgeic and legagcy interfaces allowing seemless transactions.
Do you implement what you advise
All advise provided by our consultants is based on fixed ooutcomes and is only provided in conjunction without solution. So what we say must be something that can be executed sucessfully for the best come of our clients. There may be many provider interfaces, contraints and limitations around licensing of third parties and all of that must be factored into the comes. We will provide options to clients as some require temporary or Minimum Viable Products (MVP) while others require much more tighly-copupled integrations that may evolve through transistion projects or even end up being the final solution in cases of M&A. As NowYoYo have our own developers, we have the ability to be agile in all of our feature releases and ensure that our clients needs are alwasy met.
Urgent Project can you support us
We are use to being engaged later in the project lifecycle when other approaches may have failed or the complexity was not apreciated. This is typically where we get most of our referral work and why RoaR was created in the first place. While it is better to be engaged at the start of any project, we do apreciate that the reality and understanding can take teams a lot longer to realise and time runs out. NowYoYo can be engaged to complete an initial gap analysis very quickly, we can then advise on options / approaches and this will take into consideration our available time. We willl never over commit to our team as we do not want clients to be put at risk without assurance that we can provide the required and specific skilllsets to each project. As engineers we apreciate each engagement can throw up challenges which need to be resolved in robust ways and mediocre short-cuts always come back to bite.
Request a Call Back
However big the challenge, the NowYoYo team will be able to collobrate and support your existing teams
Industry experts and Solutions
Years of experience in the Telecoms market with proven track records and an entire Ecosystem available to support our clients
Consultancy that are not just words or paper records, but instead ideas and proven solutions that NowYoYo will implement
Safeguarding and mitigation of risks
Governance and control, to spot the gaps in execution and ensure that requirements and known issues are addressed without impact
Used by many CP with cross the globe
NYY Platform
This is NowYoYo® own modular platform that is offered to our clients to help support their digitial transformation work. This is offered without restriction or licensing costs, all we require is our clients to cover our AWS hosting charges
This is NowYoYo's own platform which has been used many times to accelerate integration our Communication Providers. The platform has the ability to handle complex carrier SOAP interfaces while rationlised these into simple REST interface for vendor integration. Natively the system support time-series data and Kafka Event enrichment